In collaboration with international partner Health Care Without Harm, HECAF 360 has considerably expanded its areas of work to promote a clean, green, climate-smart health care system in Nepal.  In all of our work, HECAF 360 prioritizes safe environmental health to protect human health.

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Easy enough to do:

Except for Refugee Camp, the stories below I can probably document and enlarge upon with images and information I already have:

  • Eliminating mercury-containing devices

  • Instituting safe injection systems

  • Designing and building biodigesters for safe disposal of infectious and non-infectious biodegradable waste

  • Safely managing pharmaceutical waste

  • Safely disposing of menstrual sanitary waste

  • Also:

    • A major international refugee camp

    • Schools and religious institutions

How to do these stories?

Are there projects or project proposals I can use to illustrate the following activities?

  • Planning and instituting renewable energy projects

  • Promoting climate-smart healthcare solutions (Is this Griffith University Collaboration? Is there other material for this?)

  • Encouraging green building design (likewise, Is this Griffith Uni Collaboration?Others?)

  • Ensuring effective Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Waste Management (WASH)

  • Building safe waste water treatment systems

  • Implementing safer chemical substitution 

  • Advocating for sustainable green procurement