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New USAID and HECAF360 Agreement

HECAF360 is proud to announce a new agreement with the United States Agency for International Development to strengthen healthcare waste management systems in 530 healthcare facilities in Nepal’s Karnali and Lumbini provinces.


Working in support of USAID's Strengthening Systems for Better Health (SSBH) activity and in close collaboration with Government of Nepal’s National Health Training Council (NHTC), the Provincial Health Training Center (PTHC) and the Department of Health Services (DoHS), HECAF360 will develop and implement the roll-out of a multipronged training program for provincial health workers and staff.


This is a very ambitious project involving both theoretical and practical sessions aimed at helping these small rural health facilities to implement safe and environmentally-friendly health care waste management systems based on Zero Waste principles and non-burn technology.  This website will cover the training roll-out in detail as it unfolds in the various communities.


Updates coming soon…

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