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HECAF 360 is more than Health Care Waste Management


In collaboration with international partner Health Care Without Harm, HECAF 360 has considerably expanded its areas of work to promote a clean, green, climate-smart health care system in Nepal.


This page and the Projects dropdown menu above are gateways to an overview of  HECAF 360's work and commitment to making hospitals and other health care facilities safe for patients, for staff and for the communities in which the hospitals and clinics are located. In all of its work, HECAF 360 prioritises safe environmental health to protect human health.

 HECAF 360 are also engaged in awareness raising activities across the country. HECAF 360 regularly make presentations to professional groups and social clubs about the risks to human welfare if we ignore the consequences of inaction in cleaning up the environment we inhabit.


If your organisation would like to inquire about a presentation on clean, green, climate-smart health care systems, email your request to

To learn more about HECAF 360's scope of work for both Nepali and international clientele, select a project from the pulldown menu above or click on any of the Details links below.

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