hecaf360 secures major life saving assistance

Hecaf360's executive director Mahesh Nakarmi has arranged the delivery of over 100 tons of medical equipment for handover to the Ministry of Health and Population. Click the play button above for a 60 second preview or click here to see details .

Corona Virus Waste Management Procedures
International Recognition for hecaf360's inventive role in Covid-19 waste management 
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Health Care Without Harm is an international partner and key advisor to HECAF360's work with the environment and health care waste management. HCWH have recently posted an article about the waste management protocols developed by HECAF360 and HCWH concerning the evacuation of Nepali students and workers from Wuhan China in February 2020. These protocols are now the standard for decontaminating aircraft in Nepal.  Read the article.

International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2020
IASP2020 poster.jpg

HECAF 360 Executive Director Mahesh Nakarmi is participating in The International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2020

The overall theme of this year's Zoom conference is “Just Transitions Toward Sustainable Societies in Asia and the Pacific: Building forward better for our future beyond COVID-19”.


Mahesh's presentation is part of “Waste Management in Response to COVID-19: Exploring Ways of Response and Recovery”.

Video of the event and Mahesh's presentation will be posted here soon.

HECAF360 Imports Life Saving PPE

Mahesh Nakarmi, Executive Director of HECAF360, has again arranged the donation and importation of desperately needed PPE for distribution throughout Nepal in the fight against Covid-19.


The importation valued at nearly $80,000 USD is a donation from the Tzu Chi Foundation of Hualien City, Taiwan. The aid includes BiPAP ventilation equipment, thermometers and other highly sought after PPE.

The Government of Nepal Ministry of Health and Population working alongside HECAF360 will be distributing the PPE to the recipients below. For full details of the distribution click here.

Harzardous Covid-19 Duty
collection drums.jpg

HECAF 360 

uniquely qualified

to carry out

this assignment

By Special Request of

Ministry of Health and Population:

Airport bio-hazard clean-up

Ambulances standing by to evacuate the seriously ill passengers

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