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More than Health Care Waste Management
Working in 3 Program Areas:

Once solely a provider of health care waste management services, Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF) has evolved into HECAF360 and is today the leading provider of clean, green, climate-smart appropriate technology solutions for environmentally sound healthcare waste systems in Nepal and other low-resource countries.


Working closely with various international development agencies as well as national and international NGOs, HECAF360 today manages an array of projects across 3 program areas: Health, Environment and Climate.

HECAF360 designs and implements innovative Zero Waste management systems in hospitals, schools, and municipalities. We encourage safe non-burn technology, support plastic waste management schemes on both institutional and community levels, and widely encourage the 3Rs of waste management: reduce—reuse—recycle.

HECAF360 also plays an important public health role in supporting the Ministry of Health and Population. Nepal was badly affected by SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and HECAF360 contributed significantly to Government of Nepal efforts to sustain the population and contain the virus. HECAF360 interventions included: securing life saving international donations of ventilators and PPE;  assisting the Ministry of Health and Population in the management of hospitalised Covid-19 patients; conducting training workshops in infection control; and the clean-up, handling and safe disposal of potentially hazardous Covid-19 waste.



Mahesh Nakarmi

One of 2024's Asia-Pacific Sustainability Leadership Award Winners


Radically Changing Health Care Waste Management in Nepal and the Asia-Pacific Region

The Story of HECAF as told to

Eco-Business of Singapore 

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