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A waste audit: understanding the dimensions of the problem


Health Environment and Climate Action Foundation (HECAF 360), is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered as "Profit Not Distributing Company" pursuant to sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Companies Act, 2006 of Nepal.

Government of Nepal Registered No. 231589/076/077


HECAF 360 is committed to creating a toxic-free Nepal by

designing and implementing clean, green climate-smart solutions via partnerships with health care facilities, schools, communities, and municipalities. HECAF360 is a pioneer in environmentally-safe health care waste management systems based on Zero Waste principles and non-burn technology.  We focus on Zero Waste, clean energy, green building for development of  healthy cities to reduce negative human health impacts. 


Our work in health care settings includes:

Institute safe Health Care Waste Management in hospitals in Nepal, including safe injection and disposal of expired pharmaceutical waste.

Eliminate hazardous chemicals from hospitals and homes, including mercury-containing devices; ensure substitution of safer chemicals whenever possible.

Raise awareness about air pollution and implement low-tech solutions, focusing on human health impacts

Design and institute innovative Zero Waste management systems in hospitals, schools, and municipalities; promote safe non-burn technology; expand plastic waste management projects on both institutional and community levels; widely encourage the 3Rs of waste management: reduce—reuse—recycle.

Design and implement innovative waste water treatment systems in hospital settings.

Address the need for safe drinking water by partnering with hospitals, universities, schools, and communities.

Promote behavioral change for hygiene and sanitation including personal hand hygiene in hospitals, schools, and municipalities.

Promote menstrual hygiene and safe disposal of menstrual sanitary

waste for dignified menstruation.

Advocate for sustainable green procurement across sectors; reduce the negative human health and environmental impacts of unsafe products. 

Plan and institute renewable energy initiatives in hospitals, schools, and communities.

Promote green building design to create clean, green, and healthy cities.

Promote climate resilience and climate-smart solutions in every aspect of society.

In all of our work, HECAF 360 prioritizes safe environmental health to protect human health.



Protect public health by making hospitals and other health care facilities safe for patients, for staff and for the communities in which the hospitals and clinics are located.


 Eliminate dangerous incineration of medical waste throughout the country which creates air-borne pollutants


Eliminate toxic, unnecessary and hard-to-dispose of waste through green purchasing and circular economy strategies


End dumping and landfilling, which contaminate ground water and soil.

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