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HECAF 360 Board of Directors
1_Mahesh Nakarmi_Chairman.JPG

Mahesh Nakarmi


Mr. Mahesh Nakarmi, a leading international expert in health, environment, and emergency medicine, is founding Chairman and Executive Director of Health Environment and Climate Action Foundation (HECAF 360), which is creating a clean, green, environmentally safe, healthy and resilient community in Nepal.

Nakarmi pioneered the use of autoclaves to disinfect health care waste—a smart solution to the disposal of infectious waste into municipal dumps across Nepal.  His system also reduces waste and promotes recycling. At the request of WHO Nepal, Nakarmi and his HECAF 360 team replicated this zero waste model in 10 big hospitals and 40 small health clinics in Nepal.  Nakarmi has presented the model across Asia and around the world via partnerships with WHO, Health Care Without Harm, FHI 360, GIZ, UNDP, USAID, and international NGOs. In 2014 and 2015, on request of WHO Country Offices of Bhutan and Sri Lanka, Mr. Nakarmi led a Diagnostic Waste Assessment conducted in several hospitals of Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Similarly in 2019, at the request of WHO Country Office Bangladesh, Mr. Nakarmi and the HECAF 360 team worked with Health Care Without Harm to assess the waste systems in Rohingya refugee camps.

Nakarmi adapted his Zero Waste model for schools and nunneries in Nepal.  His work around menstrual hygiene grew out of these projects.  His model now includes a component on the safe and environmentally preferable disposal of menstrual hygiene waste.

Mr. Nakarmi is a founding president of the Community Development Association, a pioneer community based organisation in Nepal established after the democratic movement of 1990. He is also a lead founder of the National Kidney Center, the largest dialysis center in the country, and a co-founder of the National Society of Earthquake Technology Nepal (NSET). Being a WHO certified Mass Casualty Management Specialist, Mr. Nakarmi has conducted many Emergency Mass Casualty Drills in Nepal and abroad supported by WHO, UNICEF and the EU. He also co-founded Nepal Ambulance Service, the first professionally trained and equipped emergency medical service in Nepal. Nakarmi is also an earthquake and emergency preparedness specialist who has played crucial roles in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

2_Shreeram Singh Basnet_Treasurer.JPG

Shreeram Singh Basnet


Shree Ram Singh Basnet, an educationist & senior journalist, began his career as a school teacher and then moved on to journalism.  He retired after 30 years of service as the General Manager of National News Agency, a government news service.

Mr. Basnet now participates as visiting faculty member of journalism at different colleges. He is also a writer, having several books to his name. Mr. Basnet also regularly contributes as a columnist to several different newspapers as well as online media.

Mr. Basnet holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science as well as a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism. 

3_Hari Babu Tiwari_Member.JPG

Hari Babu Tiwari

Hari Babu Tiwari has served 32 years in Social Welfare Council, which is the apex body for NGOs and INGOs in Nepal.  During his service he had worked with different INGOs who were registered in Nepal. He holds a very good reputation and maintains good relations with many international agencies. He played a vital role in developing policies for NGOs and INGOs.

Mr. Tiwari retired as director of the Social Welfare Council in 2019. He is currently active as adviser to different INGOs and NGOs in Nepal

Mr. Tiwari had completed a double Master’s Degree in Political Diplomacy and Diplomatic History from Tribhuvan University. Full technical CV available upon request. Contact

4681 Auchyut Joshi.jpg

Achyut Raj Joshi

CA. Achyut Raj Joshi has more than 21 years of post-qualification experience after qualifying Chartered Accountancy from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2001. He has also completed Bachelors in Business Administration from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

He is the Past Council Member (2012-2015) and Fellow Member of ICAN. He was also the Executive Member of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN) for the year 2005-06, Treasurer for the year 2007-08 and General Secretary for the year 2009-10. He is also Fellow Member of ICA India and Member of CPA Australia. He worked in financial management, regulation & supervision departments in Nepal Rastra Bank. He also worked as Chief Financial Officer in Smart Telecom Pvt. Ltd. and worked as Director Corporate Affairs in Kathmandu Medical College Public Ltd. He is currently holding the position of Chairman of Quantum Capital Limited and also worked as board member in Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd. He has wide range of experience of working with banking, telecom, manufacturing, education and healthcare sector.

4_Binod Prasad Aryal_Member.JPG

Binod Prasad Aryal

Binod Aryal, is a senior hospital Engineer. He has been working in hospital design and implementation for the last 20 years. He has successfully designed and implemented many hospitals in Nepal and was adviser to various Medical Colleges in Nepal. He has considerable knowledge of hospital standards in Nepal.

Academically, Mr. Aryal completed his MSc in Civil Engineering from Georgian Technical University, Tibilisi, Georgia. Full technical CV available upon request. Contact

5_Sanjeev Kumar Pandey_Member.JPG

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey

Sanjeev Kumar Pandey is a Visionary Life Coach, Leadership & Motivational Trainer and Social Entrepreneur.  He is founder and owner of Bounty Himalaya PVT LTD which produces natural products in the Himalaya region.

He is also associated with Kiwanis Nepal District as Master Trainer and Leadership Development Chair. At the time he was already active with Lions Club Nepal and was more than willing to support another social project in and for Nepal.

Academically Sanjeev has done B.Sc. Microbiology. Sanjeev lives with his wife and daughter in Kathmandu and in his free time he loves to travel, network, develop fellowships and surf the web for inspiring ideas. 

Running his own business, Sanjeev helps the HECAF 360 Board with his expertise regarding business and development and enterprising. 

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