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International Collaboration 

HECAF 360 enjoys a very special relationship with many international organizations. Oftentimes these organisations become not only clients but collaborators in problem solving.

Whenever HECAF 360 is approached by an international organisation to manage a health care waste or environmental pollution assignment, we seek to create a collaborative relationship whereby we work together to achieve defined and common goals or benefits.  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds since many European or North American agencies have experience with and expectations built around expensive high-tech quick-fixes. These approaches are often inappropriate for Nepal.

Working closely with experts from UN agencies, USAID, or FIH360 HECAF 360 has been able to create bespoke and cost effective solutions to a wide variety of health, environment and climate action problems. This website comprehensibly tells that story. 

Here’s a listing of a few of the international organisations and universities we have close relationships with.

USAID logo.png
Americares logo-color.png


HECAF 360 also regularly collaborates with Nepali and international universities in varied aspects of climate smart technolgy, health care waste management and public health research.  

Universities from the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and the UK send students to Nepal to work alongside HECAF 360 teams on its projects. 


The Netherlands


School of Health Professionals


Queensland, Australia

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