HECAF360 partner with Government of Nepal in Covid-19 fight

HECAF360 has been deeply involved in the Government of Nepal’s efforts to battle Covid-19 within the country. 


On 15 February the Government of Nepal sent a chartered Nepal Airlines flight to Wuhan China to evacuate Nepali citizens working in that virus hit city. 

Wuhan of course was of course the epicentre of the original Covid-19 outbreak. Because of HECAF360’s experience handling hazardous biological waste the Government of Nepal asked HECAF to decontaminate the aircraft on its return to Kathmandu after all passengers had vacated the aircraft.

The full report on this critically important clean up project is now available. Click the image below to access it.

Decontamination team


Mahesh Nakarmi

Respirators and PPE donation

HECAF360 is also working closely with all its clients to help them decontaminate any potentially infected areas and to properly dispose of clean-up materials.


HECAF360 is also being proactive in its partnership with government. On 3 June HECAF360 arranged and delivered a shipment of ventilators and PPE worth over $100,000 to the Ministry of Health. The handover took place at with a small ceremony at the warehouse. 

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