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Climate-Smart Health Care
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Working Toward Climate Resilient Hospitals

CRESH is an acronym for Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability of Health Care Facilities.


The CRESH project is an exciting collaboration among four distinct interested parties:

  • Department of Health Services of the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal;

  • The World Health Organization, Nepal;

  • The Centre for Environment and Population Health/Griffith University, Queensland Australia 

  • HECAF 360.


The project looks at CRESH in three separate hospitals in three different ecological regions of Nepal: Karnali Academy of Health Science in the mountain region, Dhaulagiri Hospital in the middle hills and Gaur Hospital in the plains of the Terai bordering India. 


The study focuses on four fundamental priority areas to assess climate resilience and environmentally sustainable health care within clinical facilities.  The focus areas are:

  • Health care workers themselves – their awareness of vital issues, their professional capacities and needs for training;  

  • WASH – monitoring and evaluation of Water, Sanitation and Health Care Waste availabilities and risks;

  • Energy use and requirements;

  • Physical infrastructure and technology requirements. 


The Inception Report is comprehensive and all technical and academic research and data collection protocols are described in detail in the full report which you can access here or simply click the image below. 

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