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Waste Management is Not Enough!
HECAF360 moving clients and communities toward zero waste
How to get from treating waste to eliminating it

Since 2006 HECAF and its successor organisation HECAF360 have spearheaded a revolution in healthcare waste management in Nepal built around three simple low cost components:

1. waste segregation at its source 

2. autoclaving the waste to neutralise harmful bacteria and viruses 

3. recycling wherever possible. 

Where recycling isn't feasible or practical, HECAF360 opts for non-burn, eco-friendly and socially responsible disposal of waste in sustainable, non-toxic landfill sites.

Despite the success of these waste management and recycling systems, it's clear that the societies we live in are still generating too much waste. Treating and properly disposing the waste we produce is no longer sufficient; we have to commit to markedly reducing it. HECAF360 is now prioritising Zero Waste campaigning in its mission. The primary barrier to this project is that most people are not aware that it's even possible. HECAF360 are aiming to change that situation – at least in Nepal.

Zero Waste Projects....

[To be completed] List of other zero waste projects and their descriptions...

Heath Care Waste Management version 2.0
Smart Autoclaves

At the heart of HECAF360's healthcare waste management are autoclaves which use steam under pressure to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on items that are placed inside the chamber. Pressure, temperature and elapsed time are just some of the critical variables that must be carefully monitored to assure safe and effective operation. 


Until recently these crucial data points were time consumingly recorded manually. However HECAF360 is now deploying "Smart Autoclaves"which allow for remote monitoring. Health Care Without Harm's Ruth Stringer explains the advantages of this system for HECAF360 installations in isolated parts of Nepal.


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