Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste often exists "under the radar". Since it doesn't have the ugly visibility of the "bloody bandages" of pathological waste – nor the obvious threat of potential infection and/or injury –pharmaceutical waste is often just thought of as "normal" waste – which it isn't.

Pharmaceutical waste can be every bit as dangerous to communities as pathological waste if not properly handled.

HECAF has pioneered 3R techniques for the processing of pharmaceutical waste in Nepal for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), for the World Health Organization South-East Regional Office, and for Americares.

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"Doing the Right Thing" with pharmaceutical waste

When the United States Agency for International Development in Kathmandu needed to dispose of expired pharmaceutical products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, they called upon Health Care Foundation Nepal to design and implement the project.

This is a 15 minute video of how HECAF did it.