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In the natural world one species' waste is another's valuable resource. In a wonderful cycle of use and reuse, there is nothing to throw away.  Of course modern industrial throw-away societies have distorted this natural cyclical process creating mountains of waste. The goal of the Zero Waste movement is to create a system within these industrial societies where rubbish no longer exists.

It's an ambitious goal but achievable and HECAF360 is doing its part applying Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and No Burn wherever and whenever possible to its health care waste management work.

Below is an 8 minute video describing HECAF360's pioneering efforts to create a Zero Waste Approach to Health Care Waste Management in Nepal.

A "Zero Waste" Approach to Health Care Waste Management in Nepal

HECAF 360 is an active participant in the Zero Waste movement and an energetic member of Zero Waste Himalaya. 

Mahesh Nakarmi actively participates in international discussions on Zero Waste

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